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Waiting for excitement to begin.

Waiting for excitement to begin.

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So I just have a few hours left to go before I head on into the Big City and see my first TIFF film of 2008.

For those of you interested, you can see my TIFF 08 Calendar, but here's the rundown:

Friday (aka Tonight)

Appaloosa - With Viggo. TIFF just wouldn't be TIFF without Viggo (see from 2006 & 2007.)

Saturday (or more appropriatly Lørdag)

Flame & Citron - Danish flick with Mads Mikkelsen (who you'll all know from Casino Royale, but I'll always remember as 'That Guy No One Recognized But ahli at TIFF 06).

Fear Me Not - 2nd Danish movie, with no one I know, but ahli is convinced will be awesome. I indulge her in her Danish Films so she'll indulge me in my Icelandic ones.


Ghost Town - Which I'm sure will be equally awesome as that Eva Longoria/Paul Rudd RomCom was (which is to say, not at all), but I wanted something funny.

White Night Wedding - One of only TWO Icelandic flicks at the fest this year, this one directed by the same guy as last years Jar City. Sadly I can't go see the OTHER Icelandic film Country Wedding, starring Ingvar (from Jar City and Beowulf & Grendel) at any of the times it's playing. Boo.

Not Quite Hollywood - The only Midnight Madness flick this year that seemed interesting at all to me. And Midnight Madness screenings are just superfun.

Working Mon/Tues/Wed


The Brothers Bloom - Obviously another one of my choices, but again, looks kinda fun. Also I LOVE Adrian Brody and Rachel Wiesz.

Public Enemy No. 1 - Much like Viggo, Vincent Cassel is a tradition (2006- Sheitan, 2007- Eastern Promises), and the ONLY celebrity I'm interested in seeing this year, so I don't have to Forge his autograph on Ahli's finger again. As an added bonus, this will be the first actual Gala I attend (I would have before if it wern't for the Tooth Incident of '06).


Good - And we finish off the fest, as we started, with Viggo.

Thats the round-up. I could squeeze more films in on Friday/Saturday next week, but I'm sure I'll be exhausted. So with that, and a twirl of my cape, I'm off!

(Don't worry, I'm not actually wearing a cape)

(or am I?)
  • How could you miss Sexykiller??
    • Because by the time it's showing (next Friday/Saturday) I'll have already seen NINE films. I think I'll be all Film Fested Out.
      • But it's Sexykiller. Not "Sexy Killer", or even "The Sexy Killer". The conjoined word makes the film special.
        • It being a compound word does not make it any less exhuasting waiting in line for 1hr+ and being rangled like cattle into and out of the movie theatre :P I hope your GF has a Sexygoodtime though :)
    • (I am allowed to gush enthusiasm for the film as there is no danger of my having to go see it.)
    • That one wrangling guy at the elgin was such a BITCH!!
  • I'm totally sad we can't see Ingvar because he was pretty awesome in Jar City adn I WISH THAT IT WAS ON DVD SO I COULD BUY IT. urgh.

    Maybe Ricky Gervais will be at our screening and act funny and make it 1000% worthwhile! At least we don't have and 9 am screenings this year. That was tough, even for David C.

    I think Lørdag is going to be AWESOME.
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